if i had a moment

If I had a moment

I give you the


Just in knowing

For a brief


You gave me

The universe…

And beyond.


LAIBACH: We Had a Great Time and We Wanted Our Nation to Break Down – Live Review/Photo Gallery


This gallery contains 20 photos.

Originally posted on Factory Worker Media:
Mina Špiler, vocals/synths Ostensibly, it’s not only “Europe [that] is falling apart,” as the song “Eurovision” declares on Laibach‘s latest release, Spectre: mass shootings and riots are increasingly common in American cities, and California’s impending…

trainwreck(ya i am a)

Nothing is Permanent

Ya I’m a trainwreck

That’s what they call me,

I’ve been a lot

Of places

I haven’t found a home


I’ve experimented with gender

And alot of drugs…

Ya I’m a trainwreck

That’s what they call


When I was younger

Nothing I could

Identity with,

Later on I found

A Feast of Friends

To share moments

Of this confined finite

Existence with,

But lime a vagabond

I turned out my thumb

Just hitching on…

Trainwreck is what

They call me,

Ya trainwreck is what

They call me,

One moment working

In my grandfathers yard

And garden,

Next working in fast food

Then a blues bar,

Then a sports bar…

Then back to fast food

Then bus to Seattle

To work in fast food

Living in the streets

Then back to Rocky River

To work in fast food

Then moved to Sandusky

Worked as a glorified Carnival Rat


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Read a letter Dave Grohl wrote to Ian Mackaye at age 14

Consequence of Sound

Photo via Pinterest

It’s hard to fathom a time when Dave Grohl was not a full-fledged rock superstar. But long before he drummed for Nirvana or fronted Foo Fighters, Grohl was just a passionate teenager who looked up to his favorite rockers just as many do to him today. Case in point: Grohl has shared a postcard he wrote to his “hero” Ian Mackaye at the age of 14.

The young Grohl sought the guidance of the Minor Threat frontman, even going as far to leave his phone number with hours of availability (the kid was still in school, after all).

Just a few years later, Grohl would form Dain Bramage alongside vocalist Reuben Radding and bassist Dave Smith, kickstarting one of the…

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a year had passed

Nothing is Permanent

I sat independently alone on a love seat

In a smoke filled attic.

Others going from one person

To another-

I sat comfortably in my own thought

Lost in the worlds, and dimensions

Of my selves, congrulently

Acutely starring at her

As she stare over with an

Obtuse smile

Starring back at me-

Our lines parallel

Perpetually perpendicular

In still water draining to

Some other pond, and garden.

She walked up on me

Interrupting my thinking of thoughts

Her eyes penetrating the dark loneliness

Of my shining soul-

Her waters waved on my beach

Turning everything of the past

To glass

For me to break through

As I bleed into her ocean,

Just with her smile

She healed my soul corrupted wounds

That I wore on my sleeve

With my darken heart.

She came over to me gave me a hug

Touched my face,

Saying goodbye for the evening…


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Brief Intro to the Men’s Rights Movement

Annihilate The Patriarchy!

In the previous months since the mass murder in Isla Vista, CA by the shooter Elliot Rodger on May 24th , many feminist and mainstream media outlets have begun to use a term many of us have yet to see in print—Men’s Rights Activism. At first glance, this looks like a joke invented by a satirical paper to make a mockery of sexism in conservative sources.

However, this is a real phenomenon with very reactionary politics and roots planted in multiple countries across the Western World. A 2013 article from the Daily Beast claims the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) is “one of the quirkiest, fastest-growing, and most frustrating civil-rights movements in the Western world today.” (1). Groups have been making many claims that men have allegedly been at the receiving end of most gender based violence since the 1970s.

AVFM anti-feminist poster

This reactionary movement came into the spot light…

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