if were gonna take down a flag…

Nothing is Permanent

All flags

All flags have a history

All flags have a history of violence…

At one point in the vast spectrum of history

The Anglos fought the Saxons,

They came together

Killing,pillaging,raping others-

When you see the Vatican flag

Do you think of the Ostrogoths?

The Vatican gave them a holocaust

Worse then Hitler did Jews,Artists,Gypsies

Musicians,Muslims, Wiccans &Poets-

So if we’re gonna take down a flag

Just to pat ourselves on the back,

Have no real discussion

Of anything real

Beyond Beyond Beyond Beyond Beyond the

Dull opera of emotions-

We must never forget that:

Corporations,Banks,Jails,Psychiatric Institutions,Grocery Stores

Schools,The White Community,Hospitals,Religions etc.



Will those be taken down anytime soon?

Please! !!

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Writing My Own Definitions


One Mind at a Time

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about where my self-image comes from as well as what my core values and beliefs are.  I just listened to Marc Maron interview President Obama, who talked about trying to define himself in different ways as he grew up and dealing with being labeled from many different angles.  That’s what inspired this, though it kind of evolved midway and I’m okay with that.  I want to make it clear that I am writing about my own, personal experiences. I make no claims that I understand completely the experiences of others (though I want to learn more) for I only have empathy and curiosity, not psychic powers.

I have a Hispanic surname thanks to my dad. He grew up in a smallish town in New Mexico- which is actually a state in the US, if you didn’t know. I grew up listening…

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