don’t speak for Martin Luther King

It gets grotesque

When media piranhas

Act as though they are

Continuing in the same voice

Of MLK or even Malclom X-

They envoke these names

As though they understand…

But whether it is Fox News, CNN,CBS,CNN


And others-

These are media whites looking for attention

Never looking for an understanding,

Or reason,

But create their own narrative

To get ratings, get the money

From the sponsors

Just like with politics

Money needs to be taken out of

NEWS! !!

a flag doesn’t represent freedom

Nothing is Permanent

(Slow snare roll)

A flag doesn’t collectively represent freedom


if anything represents freedom and liberty

In the good ole USA

It’s a record called FRAKENCHRIST

By the punk rock group

The Dead Kennedys…

They were true patriots

For freedom

Smashing the glass

Of what was a fascist Christian theocracy,

Now as we return back to those times

Of hatred,greed and corporation

Stepping on a flag is freedom

Stealing it from them is part of

The vast amount of corruption-

Michelle Manhart stealing their flag

Was nothing but a state distraction

A corporate theater stunt

To get the populace fighting

Angered, and split…

So we don’t see their doin

Killing people in our name…

It’s time to break through the lies

Free Mumia

Free Leonard Peltier

Free John Africa

Free all non violent prisoners

End the Drug War

Bring all the troops home


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everything is coming up roses

Nothing is Permanent

Life is a beautiful rainbow

Everything is coming up roses,

Everything following me is sunshine

Up a head is beautiful unicorn-

Everybody i know is lovely…

Everyone who touches me is awesome

There’s nothing in the world

And everything is wonderful…

Everything is coming up roses,

Nothing is gonna hurt me

As I fall,

Everything is coming up roses

Everything following me now is dark…

Everything is coming up roses…

From me.

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