LAIBACH: We Had a Great Time and We Wanted Our Nation to Break Down – Live Review/Photo Gallery

Factory Worker Media

Mina Špiler, vocals/synths (click to enlarge) Mina Špiler, vocals/synths

Ostensibly, it’s not only “Europe [that] is falling apart,” as the song “Eurovision” declares on Laibach‘s latest release, Spectre: mass shootings and riots are increasingly common in American cities, and California’s impending water crisis threatens to disrupt food economies throughout North America; with the trappings of popular culture and the manufactured desires of mass consumption so deeply entrenched as a somatic form of population control, it takes the Slovenian group’s brand of dissident anti-pop to provoke a little cognitive dissonance.

Although “Eurovision” was notably absent from their set at Vancouver’s Rickshaw Theatre on Wednesday, the band played several new songs along with crowd-pleasing classics like encores “Tanz Mit Laibach” and “Leben Heisst Leben”. Compensating for the largely stationary positions of the performers (a noteworthy exception: Mina Spiler’s thrilling performance of Spectre track “Bossanova”), a dynamic visual backdrop juxtaposed evocative still images and video throughout the show…

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