a year had passed

Nothing is Permanent

I sat independently alone on a love seat

In a smoke filled attic.

Others going from one person

To another-

I sat comfortably in my own thought

Lost in the worlds, and dimensions

Of my selves, congrulently

Acutely starring at her

As she stare over with an

Obtuse smile

Starring back at me-

Our lines parallel

Perpetually perpendicular

In still water draining to

Some other pond, and garden.

She walked up on me

Interrupting my thinking of thoughts

Her eyes penetrating the dark loneliness

Of my shining soul-

Her waters waved on my beach

Turning everything of the past

To glass

For me to break through

As I bleed into her ocean,

Just with her smile

She healed my soul corrupted wounds

That I wore on my sleeve

With my darken heart.

She came over to me gave me a hug

Touched my face,

Saying goodbye for the evening…


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