One Year (Week #4)

Nothing is Permanent

The grotesque hilarity of all that surrounds me,

That will never leave my eyes

Even if was ever to go blind,

As the ole dear maxim goes:

“The end of the world happened yesterday! !!”

Always with a cute picture of angels & demons

Kissing, hugging, fucking, making love

Under the burning blazing sun

Going down into the beauty of darkness,

The moon so gallantly rising like

A dazzling emerald jewel waking up out of long

Dizzying sleep.

I just have sat back and laughed out loud

Whilst I laughed my ass off,

With everything that I have been witnessed to-

The sights I have seen have raped my

Eyes, mind, heart and soul.

Though still it like living

In some live cartoon,

Some television sitcom,

But ever more everyday like

The movie with the prophet

Bill Murray   “Groundhogs Day”.

There are buildings on fire,

People jumping out of windows

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