I’m bored of male violence

Nothing is Permanent

I get out of my bed
 to get to get some
Cold filtered water,
I said nothing to
No one,
I have no sign on me
To help anyone with
Their  lives,
Especially their  love
I’m not looking to be the
To send a message to their
Long distant love,
I admit I am a romantique…
I cry to myself in the shower
When I see two people
In love,
It comes out like rain drops
Turning into a water fall
Then a monsoon,
Erupting into a a waterspout
In the oceans of my very being,
I acknowledge that I haven’t
Had sex or been loved
In 23 years,
I had my chances.
While obsessed in a deep passionate list
With my co-worker that drove me
To work day after day at cedar point,
I was told on the last before me and
List crush jumped in Snoopy…

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