the worst of me VI


Rather hear voices

Then see yr face,

Your becoming a shadow


Soon you’ll be just another


That I’ll pretend not

To care about,

But still yr unlike the others

Yr are real,true,authentic-

Through the worst of me

I just pushed away,

So I could drift


I’ll never tell you I want,

Or need you around.


the end of another bottle

Nothing is Permanent

The sun will rise soon

Another end of the bottle

Has come to past,

No more tears to shed-

Exhausted everything in me

The flame has gone

Nothing but being exposed

To the world,

The end of another bottle

Bored of all this,

And everything-

The end of another bottle

Falling asleep with a cat

Glaring at me,

Nothing left in my heart

Nothing left in my soul.

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