If I had a choice of superpower

Nothing is Permanent

My superpower would be womanhood
With one hand a fist one hand open I’d castrcastrate,confront, dismantle and destroy the decaying patriarchy.
On my shield would be a picture of Emma Goldman & Valerie Solanas & bell hooks & Andrea Dworkin & Mary Shelly
I’d have rose diamond ring that would call up the Spanish Anarchists & Weather Underground & Haymarket Square Anarchists of 1884 & The Black Panthers
My weapon would be a knife and books and poetry and guitar
I would live in a cave
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I’m bored of male violence

Nothing is Permanent

I get out of my bed
 to get to get some
Cold filtered water,
I said nothing to
No one,
I have no sign on me
To help anyone with
Their  lives,
Especially their  love
I’m not looking to be the
To send a message to their
Long distant love,
I admit I am a romantique…
I cry to myself in the shower
When I see two people
In love,
It comes out like rain drops
Turning into a water fall
Then a monsoon,
Erupting into a a waterspout
In the oceans of my very being,
I acknowledge that I haven’t
Had sex or been loved
In 23 years,
I had my chances.
While obsessed in a deep passionate list
With my co-worker that drove me
To work day after day at cedar point,
I was told on the last before me and
List crush jumped in Snoopy…

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One Year (Week #4)

Nothing is Permanent

The grotesque hilarity of all that surrounds me,

That will never leave my eyes

Even if was ever to go blind,

As the ole dear maxim goes:

“The end of the world happened yesterday! !!”

Always with a cute picture of angels & demons

Kissing, hugging, fucking, making love

Under the burning blazing sun

Going down into the beauty of darkness,

The moon so gallantly rising like

A dazzling emerald jewel waking up out of long

Dizzying sleep.

I just have sat back and laughed out loud

Whilst I laughed my ass off,

With everything that I have been witnessed to-

The sights I have seen have raped my

Eyes, mind, heart and soul.

Though still it like living

In some live cartoon,

Some television sitcom,

But ever more everyday like

The movie with the prophet

Bill Murray   “Groundhogs Day”.

There are buildings on fire,

People jumping out of windows

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Someone asked me where I see myself in 5 years

ya this it. all of it. come back in 5 years we will have a reunion of this grand moment- this moment is everything…EVERYTHING! !!

Nothing is Permanent

In this in 148 words it will be the things I purposely don’t choose to say that reveal where I am at & who I have become in 42 years of this finite existence as of this date of our beloved ROZZ WILLIAMS. In 5 years I see myself consistently & constantly touring as the drummer/songwriter of my Radical Feminist Goth Punk band ANOMIE. I will have by then made amends with the psychology community after years of writing hard biting exposes, poetry, articles how the psychology world is sadly decaying because of the sdrawkcab disease of patriarchy & capitalism. I will be teaching Improv at The Groundlings & on my way to being a beloved writer & poet. All this while I am working towards opening a group of my own Improv theatres stating in Cleveland, Ohio.

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