Disappointed CLE Fan to Make Coloring Book


Whether it’s a coping mechanism or just a way to poke fun, an ailing Cleveland sports fan created a Kickstarter project appealing to those willing to reach into their wallets.

He’s creating a “humorous coloring book for the whole family.”

It’s called “Why is Daddy Sad on Sunday?” and it depicts those disappointing moments in Cleveland sports history that stand out among the rest.

The project is spearheaded by Cleveland-native Scott O’Brien, who is now based in Los Angeles.

“This project is not about reopening old Cleveland wounds,” O’Brien writes on the Kickstarter page.  “I’ll leave that to the national sports media. This is about having a laugh at the sheer lunacy of what we have ‘witnessed’ over the years. We know we have to laugh sometimes to avoid losing our minds.”

The vision is for the coloring book to be about 55 pages with 25 black and white…

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BEYOND BEYOND #19(There can be no truth found)

Nothing is Permanent

There can be no truth found in words,

There can be no truth found in T.V.,

There can be no truth found in the belief of others,

There can be no truth found in cinema,

There can be no truth found in a book,

There can be no truth found in the internet,

There can be no truth found in religion,

There can be no truth found in politics,

There can be no truth found in art,

There can be no truth found in repetition,

There can be no truth found in repetition,

There can be no truth found in repetition,

There can be no truth found in the touch of another,

There can be no truth found in life,

There can be no truth found in death,

There can be no truth found in love,

There can be no truth found in sex,

There can be no truth found…

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Paul vs. Jesus (and James)


In the early decades following Jesus’ death, his followers remained a small, local sect. They retained their Jewish identify and, in fact, only Jews could be baptized as new followers, as “Christians.”

Although this nascent Christian movement was clearly a faction of Judaism, many Jews felt threatened by their challenges to the established orthodoxy and the many radical new doctrines that were taught. And this resulted in much persecution of Christians by some (but by no means all, nor even a majority) of the Jews.

One of the early persecutors was named Saul of Tarsus. He had the rare status of being both a Jew (the people conquered by the Romans) as well as being a Roman citizen. It is lost to history how he obtained such status; it is speculated that perhaps his father had saved the life of a Roman leader and was thus rewarded, or in some…

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20 jobs that anyone can do

There is all this blibber blabber over jobs? Especially talk on fast food and the raising of the minimum wage. Sometimes with all the news segments,Facebook posts, Twitter and Google + post it just gets so daunting,bland and nauseating.

I have been told not to watch pseudo news channels such as Fox News, but I have been told I have common traits with maschoists! I am one to sit for hours upon hours upon hours and filleting my eyes as though I was an Plus For flogging himself with hours of news shows-I could feel my I.Q. dipping in points.

So here is a list of 20 easy jobs that anyone can do:

25. House Bank Lenders-

25. School Principal

24. Bus Driver

23. Student Loan Adviser

22. Law Makers

21. V.J.

20. TRUST FUND KID- getting money from a family member makes life simple. You didn’t earn or sweat for that money. There is no build of self sacrifice in your life. And you are able to get away with pretty much anything.

19. DEA AGENT- The Drug War is pointless!

18. School Administration-The education of students should be between a Student and teacher!

17. Traffic Cops-a driver can decide for themselves

16. Book Editors-it’s a frivolous meaningless job, usually done without subjectivity!

15.News Commentary-it’s easy to say whatever your tv watchers want to hear, especially with ppl in your ear telling you what to say while they are monitoring Twitter and other social media.

14. Pimp-it’s easy to sit back and take others money.

13. Art Critic-

12. Book Critic

11. Movie Critic

10. Critic

9. President of a Nation- it’s easy to say things and know ppl will respond,it’s easy to sign things and have it be law, it’s easy to know you will get paid for life for really doing nothing. And you get  a library named after you.

8. Middle Management-

7. CIA -it’s easy to be a puppet master!

6. Head of a religious organization-get to make judgments on others, make or cause no real positive change,ppl give you money for saying things they want to hear!

5. T.V hosts- it’s easy to sit and look pretty while dialogue is fed to you!

4. Political Organizations-people give you money for really doing nothing of value!

3. Prison Chief’s-

2. Members of Congress- it must be great to make decisions on other people’s lives,it must be awesome to make laws that you benefit from financially, and you get paid the rest of your life!

1. CEOs-right place at the right,easy to manipulate things to your advantage,and when you fail you can take a buy out and don’t have to face up to anything you do!

my problem with the “male rights movement”


At the core of my entire which pushes everything I say,think,do I am at consistent war with my grandfather. Whether childish,dumb or idiotic it is what it is. From the moment he broke up my childhood till this very second, I have been at war with Donald Archie Kingsbury! 

 He was a nauseating man, I still see him whenever I gaze upon the mirror-just like the void I see him starring back. I feel nothing but rage,violence and hurt! 

When I see these videos it makes me sick in many ways. A relationship(ideally) is two separate individuals coming together..sharing the deepest parts of their souls with each other! There are no rules but what the two decide upon- things can be concrete,spontaneous,indifferent! 

My grandfather ranted on and on and on for years about how my mom screwed him because she went for back child support. Ian and Katie deserved to have at least some monetary compensation if they couldn’t have their father. No child has any choice in being born into whatever family they are thrown to! 

In moments on the streets men have opened up to me and said they were homeless because they just didn’t want to pay child support, it was at least 100 men in 5 cities over a period of 8 years. It took one to disgust me, and it never escaped me.

After my grandfather’s death, I found out that my dad was schizophrenic. After exploring if I had this condition, I really explored my past. I have been known to be scolded by friends saying my father is an example of a person who shouldn’t of had kids. I guess for obvious reasons.

The selfish stress of both my mother’s and father’s families caused them to fight, even getting to the point of knocked out dragged out fights, heads catching on fire,cars on the front lawn. It all ended in a bitter divorce, and the kids were left to the side-and inbetween. 

By an extensive dramatic campaign created by my namesake of a grandfather, I was led to believe that my mom threw me out of the house and didn’t want me. Mind you, I wasn’t the easiest of children. I ran away, I stole money, I skipped school-the usual MO of a child in need of attention. At the age of 4/5 I was already contemplative on subjects like suicide,gender confusion & extreme self loathing. This was the end of the 70s, so as I acted out in school I got paddled (for good and bad) from 79-83. 

It all creates a disillusion with authority,self and society. I am always full of pride in mentioning to others that I attempted suicide at the age of 5?! Even then I had the understanding that others had it worse then i did. Even when my mother would beat me,the baby sitter molested me and my grandfather ripped me away from my brother and sister. 

Freud said that an individual is emotionally formed by the age of 6, with an attempt of suicide at 5 I lost all willingness to try,care or even play a part of the powerful play-I let it move a head, I was nothing more then a shadow on the cave wall.

As I became aware and connected to myself, I grew to loathe my grandfather. One of his last fragmentations he bifled to me was ” I am your true father” in that moment he might of as well stabbed my heart, he took my beloved grandmother away from me. 


In it all BEYOND BEYOND this self imposed war on myself, whenever the concept of the “male rights movement” I think of my grandfather. His selfishness,his need to control, his infantile disregard of others feelings. In every man I have met on the street I see my grandfather and am disgusted.


This is my problem with the “Male Rights Movement”