Someone asked me where I see myself in 5 years

ya this it. all of it. come back in 5 years we will have a reunion of this grand moment- this moment is everything…EVERYTHING! !!

Nothing is Permanent

In this in 148 words it will be the things I purposely don’t choose to say that reveal where I am at & who I have become in 42 years of this finite existence as of this date of our beloved ROZZ WILLIAMS. In 5 years I see myself consistently & constantly touring as the drummer/songwriter of my Radical Feminist Goth Punk band ANOMIE. I will have by then made amends with the psychology community after years of writing hard biting exposes, poetry, articles how the psychology world is sadly decaying because of the sdrawkcab disease of patriarchy & capitalism. I will be teaching Improv at The Groundlings & on my way to being a beloved writer & poet. All this while I am working towards opening a group of my own Improv theatres stating in Cleveland, Ohio.

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