the lies their tv propaganda shows will lie to you

Nothing is Permanent

They will tell you

On the television propaganda

That the drugs of Chicago

Are brought in by the

Mexican Cartels…

But follow the money

As in anything of the drug war

Against freedom and liberty

It trails back to the alphabet gangs

Crowned as the C.I.A,D.E.A etc.

But on television propaganda

“News” programming

They will show actors placed

In the Mexican Cartels

So the violence will continue

In Mexico,

Cause the U.S. profits

From the continued violence

In Mexico and South America-

But these fucking swine control the air waves

So it’s continued to be believed that it stops

At the Mexican Cartels,

But never seeing who pulls the strings

Behind the scenes


right out of WASHINGTON D.C.

that need to be burned alive like the roaches

And low life scrum they are! !!

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