if were gonna take down a flag…

Nothing is Permanent

All flags

All flags have a history

All flags have a history of violence…

At one point in the vast spectrum of history

The Anglos fought the Saxons,

They came together

Killing,pillaging,raping others-

When you see the Vatican flag

Do you think of the Ostrogoths?

The Vatican gave them a holocaust

Worse then Hitler did Jews,Artists,Gypsies

Musicians,Muslims, Wiccans &Poets-

So if we’re gonna take down a flag

Just to pat ourselves on the back,

Have no real discussion

Of anything real

Beyond Beyond Beyond Beyond Beyond the

Dull opera of emotions-

We must never forget that:

Corporations,Banks,Jails,Psychiatric Institutions,Grocery Stores

Schools,The White Community,Hospitals,Religions etc.



Will those be taken down anytime soon?

Please! !!

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