if you gave me the time

Nothing is Permanent

It still racks my brain

After all this time,

Why you took upon

Yrself what you did-

I never once asked

For help,

But still…

You reached out yr hand.

I wanted to be alone in my

Personal struggle,

Be on fire in my own personal hell

Be one with my with my anxieties.

I wanted  to go over the edge,

But you pulled me back to the ledge…

Then you walked away.

We had no personal entanglements,

We had no attraction,

But still I am grounded

In a mass of confusion…

People have whispered thoughts

But you know yr actions

Don’t stand by yr words.

But still

If you gave me the time

Maybe we could heal

I never wanted there to be a wound

Between us,

Still in all honesty

I cannot help but be hurt

When you walk away

As I still stand on this edge


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