BEYOND BEYOND #149 (i never asked for this trust)

Nothing is Permanent

(For Donald Archie)

All we really ever shared in common
Was a first,
And a configuration of blood,DNA,similar looks
Healthy heating habit,love of cinema, and music
But really nothing in common at all-
I never asked for this trust.
You broke up my family
I stole from your wallet,
You sent me to reform,and military school
I ate your cheese,
You put me to work in your yard
I punched you in the face,
You wouldn’t let me get my licenses,
I took your car out for a spin,
You put me in Parmadale, and Church Farm School
I dumped your Scotch out on the law-
I never asked for this trust.
After the divorce you kicked
My mom,brother,sister, and me
Out of our home?
You forced Katie to sit on Gary’s lap
Or she wouldn’t get Christmas gifts,
When listening to music you didn’t like
Or understand,
You took…

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