Nothing is Permanent

I see the lesson in this gawd,
I also see the irony-
& even your angelic humor?!
But Jesus fuckin Christ gawd
Why take someone so great so young?
Especially for FUCK sake
When I have been desperate to
Get the FUCK out of here…
You took Scott,
You took my Brother Ross
You took my Sister POSSUM,
You took my hero Rozz Williams,
Now OZ?
You took the One person I long to be around
Who doesn’t want to be around me
Cause I’m a guy,
But literally saved my life
Almost a month ago,
When I was cowardly
Trying to leave this existence
For like the 5th time?!
I would have gone gladly
In replace of her friend…
you have some cosmic plan,
Some reason for everything
Before we enter back into
The purity of nothing! !!
FUCK you God,
FUCK you Yahweh,
FUCK you Allah,

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