BEYOND BEYOND #73 (the shame i feel)

Nothing is Permanent

I can hear you telling me not to dwell
Yet still I want the last few weeks
To disappear,
I wish I could get in a Delorean
Go back to last month
When you came up to me
Gave me a goodbye hug,
The irony in that hug
My friend,
O the irony! !!
I can’t help but think of you
Just wanting to talk to you,
It hurts beyond my marrow,
Aches to the isolated
Corners of my pathetic soul! !!
I can hear you tell me not to dwell
But it is this brutal pain that swells,
I just want to pull you to the side
And ask if it was all a dream,
I more then anything
Want to get back on stage,
I don’t mean to wallow
But I would grovel
You are a precious earth quake
And wondrous volcano
In my my still born still…

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