bland and boring

pussy renaissance

This is the problem I have with the “Male Rights Movement”! If a woman doesn’t want to be around you man get over it and move on! All the male rights idiots do is complain and complain. It’s her body she can do what she chooses. If the guys don’t like it they easily walk away.

Plus if you consciously are buying someone with things, or your liking someone cause they buy you things that’s your limitation. A person should like you for you, and you should like that person for who they are. If you have to change for someone that you are not being you.

But at the some time people change each other just by being themselves.

In my 40 years of playing a part in this trite and bland existence I have many people. Some have used me, mistaken my generosity for vanity. Some who have just walked away. Some who have been so good to me that I don’t think I can repay them. Some who I thought were a friend or a live and just were so fake and plastic and pieces of shot that pushed me to lose faith in humanity. Some in their arrogance and others in their wisdom pushed me to write poetry and stories, some have just given up.


My view of friendship has changed lately, as well as my view on ppl. I am in a thick of a shift. For good and bad. But I expect nothing from nobody, I do nice things just cause I want to without need of some reaction-

I am one who has BETTER OFF ALONE, tattooed on his arm. But still it’s attitudes like this that get to me. The old “traditions” of a wife staying at home making food and cleaning house is nothing more then a choice if someone wants to make-for good and for bad.

There is nothing a woman has to do. Her potential is limitless! It doesn’t matter what society,church,next door neighbor,family, friends,doctor’s say! How and what she does is up to her…Just like for guys. This bland needlessly pointless way of everything having to be broken down that this is what a “man does” this is what a “woman does” causes depression,drug addiction,hatred of others,withdrawal-and I am not the only one to feel this way.

Men like this are the problem. To him just a mangina, a white knight…Blah,blah,blah.I don’t care. It gets so nauseating to even think about, I’d rather go shoot up some heroin.



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