20 jobs that anyone can do

There is all this blibber blabber over jobs? Especially talk on fast food and the raising of the minimum wage. Sometimes with all the news segments,Facebook posts, Twitter and Google + post it just gets so daunting,bland and nauseating.

I have been told not to watch pseudo news channels such as Fox News, but I have been told I have common traits with maschoists! I am one to sit for hours upon hours upon hours and filleting my eyes as though I was an Plus For flogging himself with hours of news shows-I could feel my I.Q. dipping in points.

So here is a list of 20 easy jobs that anyone can do:

25. House Bank Lenders-

25. School Principal

24. Bus Driver

23. Student Loan Adviser

22. Law Makers

21. V.J.

20. TRUST FUND KID- getting money from a family member makes life simple. You didn’t earn or sweat for that money. There is no build of self sacrifice in your life. And you are able to get away with pretty much anything.

19. DEA AGENT- The Drug War is pointless!

18. School Administration-The education of students should be between a Student and teacher!

17. Traffic Cops-a driver can decide for themselves

16. Book Editors-it’s a frivolous meaningless job, usually done without subjectivity!

15.News Commentary-it’s easy to say whatever your tv watchers want to hear, especially with ppl in your ear telling you what to say while they are monitoring Twitter and other social media.

14. Pimp-it’s easy to sit back and take others money.

13. Art Critic-

12. Book Critic

11. Movie Critic

10. Critic

9. President of a Nation- it’s easy to say things and know ppl will respond,it’s easy to sign things and have it be law, it’s easy to know you will get paid for life for really doing nothing. And you get  a library named after you.

8. Middle Management-

7. CIA -it’s easy to be a puppet master!

6. Head of a religious organization-get to make judgments on others, make or cause no real positive change,ppl give you money for saying things they want to hear!

5. T.V hosts- it’s easy to sit and look pretty while dialogue is fed to you!

4. Political Organizations-people give you money for really doing nothing of value!

3. Prison Chief’s-

2. Members of Congress- it must be great to make decisions on other people’s lives,it must be awesome to make laws that you benefit from financially, and you get paid the rest of your life!

1. CEOs-right place at the right,easy to manipulate things to your advantage,and when you fail you can take a buy out and don’t have to face up to anything you do!


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