man in Bellevue,PA shoots his tv after reading friends posts


On a cold day in the far north side of Pittsburgh,PA a man takes out his gun and shoots his television after reading his friends post about the Grammys & Royal Rumble. ” In being that I am from Cleveland,Oh I am a bit emotionally emotional at times. Especially when people say Lake Erie caught on fire. I get so fumed at the George W Bush/Barrack H Obama `America! It’s a laziness of mind,soul,body-& of course history, let alone her story! It was the Cuyahoga River that caught on fire,not Lake Erie!” The man from Bellevue,PA said ” …now I am on fire. DANIEL BRYAN is the greatest wrestler at this moment, next to AN STYLES! Bray Wyatt may have won the match, but Bray is no Daniel Bryan! Daniel got cheated out of going to Wrestlmania. It is crap what HHH & Stephanie are doing to wrestling. Though still the best thing about is wrestling is that AJ STYLES is returning to ROH, TNA is a better entertainment product then WWE, and WCW will always be the greatest wrestling organization in the history of wrestling! The WWE will and shall faulter from its own inflated shallow dulled ego!”

The man from Bellevue,PA pulled up the covers over his head on his cracked couch. He pulled the trigger of his gun that layed in his mouth.

The WWE was called for a comment, HHH and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley and like zombies on a record on repeat all that was heard “It’s what’s best for business,it’s what’s best for business,it’s what’s best for business(?)!”


The man from Bellevue,PA said  while watching the end of ROH “…at least AJ STYLES is coming back to ROH! Finally it’s gonna be the Real Monday Wars!”


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