7 of the greatest films of all time, that are long over due for an Oscar!!!

7. It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time directed by John Trent A fun and happening 70s movie. A blend of sarcasm and pomposity and amziliant Terrorizing the upper class that will leave you wanting more. One of the films to jump start the great force known as John Candy. Sadly a very underrated movie. It definitely deserves an Oscar.

6. BULLSHOT Directed by Dick Clement A genius laugh a second farce! This cinema genius lampoons chasers,bumbling investigators,Germans,the British empire. There is a beautiful love story at the movies core, as well as hilarious ways characters speak. This cinematic joy deserves an Oscar.

5. ISHTAR directed by Elaine May Sadly the history of this film clouds this amziliant cinematic gem. What can be learned from this is to never listen to an idiot film critic. But still, this film is such a joy(hoping one day that there will be a live read of this film at Arcade Comedy Theater). It is a crazy misadventure of two songwriters/performers that end up becoming spys, while singing well crafted by Paul Williams. Long over due for an Oscar!

4. Objects Attack directed by Rona Mark A cinematic joy, that was film in the great city of Pittsburgh,PA. As well as partly filmed at the original Steel City Improv Theater on the North side. A film that will go down in her story as a classic. Hypnotic, and aggressively beautiful. Shot on 16 mm in black and white. A movie that should have graced bigger in the movie houses-Oscar worthy.

3.Fat Head Directed by Tom Naughton Non political film just telling the truth about eating, and the shady politics that go behind it. A glowing stomach is shown that gives the movie heart and depth. Passed up for an Emmy as well as Oscar!

2.Hunter Gatherng by Well Known Strangers No words are needed for this cinematic gem from Improv power houses that split between Pittsburgh,PA-Chicago,Ill-NYC. A film like no other, sadly looked over for an Oscar.

1. Darned To Hell by Hotel Nowhere A cinematic fine of goodness by the amziliant Improv house team from Steel City Improv Theater in Pittsburgh,PA.  A short award winning film that spears beyond tigers blood and a shot of Three Wisemen. A film that makes one question what socks do think when no one is watching. It got passed up for an Oscar, but deserves one.

0. Silent Sandwiches by Dominique D Curry A silent film of a fat man, stealing a skinny man’s freshly made sandwiches.


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