Top 5 Books I Am reading Right Now

5. TO HEAR HER SING by DJ Kingsbury

   Poetry of a self enlightened destructive kind. Words birthed and sharpen by chaos,pain and self torture. A voice in the world of poetics like no other. Just like with Howl, every teenage kid should read this masterful work that strived to destroy the whole of language-only for it to be a seed of rebirth….lost in a hole in a wall, trapped between darkness and light.

4. PATTERSON by William Carlos Williams

 A book that is pushing me further to attempt my own book of poetry on my home city (that like Joyce with Dublin) lays strong and growing on my darken heart. 

3.  A book that I imagine, which is not mine. A book not yet written…but written already. I see it in my dreams…I can taste it…I can smell it. I am bathed in the light ripping joyfully in the words that lay out of reach from me…generations from now, when I shall just be mere dust-and forgotten! I wake up in fits of sweats, hearing words I have yet to dream of contemplating nor could even consciously understand. Lost in ashes of this book that will cleanse the world of our pain,suffering, shallow ignorance. She will write it!

2.ART OF ROZZ WILLIAMS:From Christian Death to Death

“Forget me not, or I’ll forget myself!” As the April 1st draws near, it will be 16 years since(sadly) Rozz Williams hung himself. Rozz, a hero to me always-shed down to the core of his aching bones the flesh of ROGER ALAN PAINTER(of which he felt suffocated by) gave more of himself then churches give to the homeless, and any politician can ever dream and hope to give to the people. 

  ROZZ WILLIAMS was more then just a voice/force of his generation, he will always be a bridge of those yet to come. For the broken,beaten and damned( and no matter how much Valor Land has stolen from him) for this Romeo may no longer be in distress-free of the constraining and suffocation of this fleeting mortal coil…Rozz is far away from the prison place humans think of heaven/hell-he himself would be the kindest guest. Now absorbed into the shiny,beautiful core fire of the universe, surely a HOLY PLACE TO BE!


  When I was back there in Military Camp at Culver in the 80s, I always dreamed of driving a plane. I would spend long hard hours just starring up into the sky. I found myself (as time went on) dressed in maroon and marching with with drum stocks in my hand-and a Tom Tom drum around my neck. I would keep the beat unconsciously, but still all the while starring up into the sky wishing,hoping,praying one day I could fly a plane-just like my Grandfather did in WWII.

  Dr. Campbell’s book is a needed breath of fresh air, as I consciously jump back into learning about my lost drowned love of planes. With each word my naive boyish understanding grows ever so deeper into a world I could never imagine. 



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