man in Bellevue,PA dyes his hair purple purposely to have a reason not to put the seatvon the commode down for his wife!


“Being that I am from Cleveland,Oh I really never had a reason to put the commode seat down. I would always place my left hand on the wall, and just let the sweet freedom eliminate out of me…and fill into the commode below. The sweet sanity of the elimination let me loose, and my right always would shake out the rest! The man said from Bellevue,PA. “I wanted to dye my hair, so my wife wouldn’t touch me. I have always had a great fear of being touched. I cried the first time I had sex, it was a babysitter…and I was 7. It was my normal, it happened to my brother and sister as well. It the tragedy if life without timing, so this is without comedy.” The man from Bellevue,PA sat on his broken down couch, and started to cry. ” I will tell you a truth, I don’t have a wife. I am way too introverted for my own good. My heart has been broken 13 times and…” At that point we at IQUI SCHNOX started to walk away. The guy from Bellevue,PA started to scream ” …and I wrote poetry about it. My heart that is, I put out a few collections…but nobody has truly read them. Just like Brain Wilson I just wasn’t made for these times!” The man from Bellevue,PA stopped for a second, got on his knees. “Will you hold me, I need to be held!” Everyone with IQUI SCHNOX just quickly grabbed everything we could that was ours, and quickly got the FUCK outta there.


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