I have never been more excited to live in Pittsburgh,PA! (part 1)

I am going to be going on my 8th anniversary of living in Pittsburgh,PA, which is a long time for me to live in one city. I never like to get attached to anything, I have Dx myself with PTSD when it comes to attachment with others-I’d rather be attached to things,stuff, or even my cat Buddha. With every turn in this city I become more and more excited!

I have met so many amziliant people, I could fill novels up with just stories of these amziliant people. Though as Henry Miller said “The Novel Is Dead!” I write this as I am writing a novella entitled “Back Alley” a self absorbed autobiography, about an alley that is conscious and aware. Yet still with every turn, I am amazed with this city-like a baby opening her eyes fresh in the darkness of morning.

The city of Pittsburgh,PA gave me a surprise one day in 2011, after I was completely burned out-and had given up on life. I was living in a basement of a house, filled with strangers to me. All I did was sit and load, eat pizza,go watch movies,contemplate the meaning of life,be in consistent self serving pain-but one day back at Point Park University I came across a green piece of paper announcing Improv classes on the North Side. Still with every turn and step, I am amazed and in love with the city of Pittsburgh,PA.

It’s not that I have turned my back on my city of birth Cleveland,Oh. Just like James Joyce will always be from Dublin-I, I DONALD JOSEPH KINGSBURY will always have that eternal cosmic struggle with a love/hate/hate/love the great/horrible city of Cleveland,Oh. But, I have fallin in love with the city of Pittsburgh,PA. With each turn I am finally becoming the person I always negated myself from being.

From the very 1st class I was hooked, like a junkie to the spoon and needle.I watched shows,I interned,I took classes, I watched more shows, I started a practice group, I watched more shows, took more classes, performed,got coached,started more groups,watched more shows,traveled to Chicago to take classes,watched more shows,performed more,started more groups,got invited to work in other groups,started an open mic,watched more shows,created a different form,performed,traveled to NYC to take classes,watched more shows,coached a group,waited by the phone for The Death Show to call,performed more shows,more classes and more classes and more classes,had theoretical talks about Improv,more classes,more groups,got a short form troupe together,performed more,at times got bored wanted something new, Kidney Spleen was born, went back to Chicago weekly to take classes, more performing,rehearsal upon rehearsal upon rehearsal, at times can’t afford rehearsal, rehearsed some more, talked about moving to Chicago, performed and rehearsing some more. Woke up this morning to the great revelation of a new theatre, asked for a show spot and entrance to class. With each and every turn I fall in love with city of Pittsburgh,PA ever more!


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